Cannabidiol Part II: Frequently Asked Questions about CBD Oil


Here are the most commonly asked questions about CBD Oil.

1.     Who can be prescribed CBD Oil in Texas?

According to the Compassionate Use Act, people living in Texas with intractable epilepsy – meaning a person has tried at least two different seizure medications and continues to have epileptic seizures can be prescribed CBD Oil.  There is no age limit. If a patient has a vagal nerve stimulator, other nerve stimulator or has had epilepsy surgery, they can still be prescribed CBD Oil.

2.     Who can prescribe the CBD Oil?

Only an epileptologist (seizure specialist) practicing in Texas who is on the Compassionate Use Act registry can prescribe CBD Oil.   A list of doctors on the registry is here.

3.     How do I get CBD Oil?

Three dispensaries in Texas can dispense CBD Oil.  They are Compassionate Cultivation near Austin, Tx, Cansortium Texas in Schulenberg, TX and Surterra Wellness.  You can pick up CBD Oil at the dispensary or it can be delivered to you for a fee.

4.     How much does it cost?

According to the Compassionate Cultivation website, a 7.5ml bottle is $100 and a 15ml bottle is $200. 

5.     Does insurance over the CBD Oil?

No.  CBD Oil is not approved by the FDA and is therefore not covered by insurance companies.

6.     How do I take the CBD Oil?

The current form of CBD Oil is a liquid that you put under your tongue. 

7.     Will I feel a “high” from CBD Oil like you can have with recreational marijuana?

THC is the chemical in recreational marijuana that gives people a “high” sensation.  The law allows for no more than 0.5% of THC in CBD Oil produced in Texas.  Therefore, there will be no “high” sensation.

8.     If I am prescribed CBD Oil under the guidelines of the Compassionate Use Act, will there be protections against criminal prosecution?

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, “Texas Health and Safety Code 481.111(e)1 provides exemptions from state law prohibiting possession of marijuana for patients (and their legal guardians) for whom low-THC cannabis is prescribed under a valid prescription from a dispensing organization.”

9.     Do I have to see a second physician who is on the Compassionate Use Registry before I get the CBD Oil?

A second epileptologist will review your medical information to determine if they agree with your doctor.  However, you do not have to see the second epileptologist in person.

10. Will I become seizure free or stop my other seizure medications if I start CBD Oil?

From the research done and outlined here, CBD Oil likely will work about as well as an anti-seizure medication.  It is not a cure for epilepsy.  CBD Oil will be adjunctive therapy, meaning people will take it along with their seizure medications.

11. Will Dr. Jetter prescribe me CBD Oil?

Dr. Jetter is currently accepting new patients with epilepsy by referral only.  If you are interested in trying CBD Oil, please notify the office and have a referral sent by your current neurologist or primary care provider.  You will be required to attend a short information session about CBD Oil before your appointment.  After the session, you will meet privately with Dr. Jetter to determine whether CBD Oil is a good option for you.  An appointment with Dr. Jetter is not a guarantee that you will be prescribed CBD Oil.

Dr. Jetter is holding the first batch of CBD Oil from Compassionate Cultivation.

Dr. Jetter is holding the first batch of CBD Oil from Compassionate Cultivation.